About Me

My name is Femy. I work full time as a government employee. I live in Belleville, Ontario with my husband Rick and 2 kids Chelson and Jared and of course our 2 cats cuddles and skip. I love to create. I love to quilt, machine embroidery, cross stitch and card making, beading. I also like to write poems, short and longs ones :). Sometime in 2008, I was introduced to rubber stamps. I’ve been making cards for a while but have never used stamps before. I was also introduced to markers called Copics and started using them May 2009. Now I am hooked. So here in this place I call my own, I will share with you what I create and hope I inspire you to do a little creating yourself.



Another Birthday Pocket Letter












Here is another pocket letter. I made this same time as the other one. I wanted to work on something else for a little while rather than finish the labels for my brothers wedding favors. My hand was cramping from using the […]

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Birthday Pocket Letter













My first ever pocket letter—kind of This was pretty simple. I didn’t have to write an “about me” or any “tag it” stuff. I just filled up the pockets with goodies and gave it as a birthday gift. I wanted to […]

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More Mother’s Day Card for Family


















More Mother’d Day Card to share with you today. These one’s I made for friends and family. Also made extra for bridal shower game prize. I had fun making these. I like the look […]

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Cards as a prize

My sister requested I make cards as prizes for bridal shower games. I had to make 9 bundles of three. Below are some of the ones I made.













These are just some of them. Will share more tomorrow. Of course I […]

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Baby Shower Cards













I made 2 of these for 2 co-workers who will be having babies soon. The inside has a place for a gift card. The stamp is an Elizabeth Bell stamp. I used Copics of course. All cardstock. embossing folrder, punch all […]

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