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Simple and Quick is the Key












Another quick, easy & simple card today. I am running out of cards to gift so I needed more of these clean and simple cards. I have been busy coloring as well so a few more cards with images colored with Copics will be posted soon. Mostly will be Magnolia-licious stamps, Elizabeth Bell, maybe some Sarah Kay. I’ve had this stamps for a very long time, possibly ever since I started using stamps to create my cards, and more so when I found Copics. Stampin up supplies: cardstock, classic label punch. The green brad is from my stash. It is a given I always use my handy dandy Scotch ATG 714. I go through a lot of these refill tapes and they can get a bit expensive. I go to Micheal’s to buy them only when there is a 50% coupon. I do have a warehouse I buy them form when needed, but I had recently a bad experience with one of their sales rep on the phone & I cannot get myself to go back and buy form them. I just can’t beleive that a person could be so rude over the phone to a client and not even apologise. I have been a customer of this store for a longest time & was just so surprised by the rudeness. Anyways, I might go back & buy products from them if it is really necesseary & I don’t have any other way to work around it. I guess, to tell you the truth this is not the first exeprience I have for unsatisfactory attitude from stores I buy my supplies from.

On that note, I wouldn’t mind if you would comment on this experience and suggest what cna or should I do. It would be appreciated. Thank you for coming today.

Keep your creativity flowing,

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1 comment to Simple and Quick is the Key

  • Cindi

    Hi Femy,

    As usual your cards are beautiful and so inspiring. I struggle with paper layering and visit your site often to see your creations and try to take a lesson on how you layer on your cards.

    As for the rude sales rep…maybe you should send an email online or contact someone (higher up in the ranks). I think a company has a right to know when their own staff is hindering their sales. And it definitely is in your case since you are currently not purchasing from them due to your experience. If nothing else maybe it will make you feel better?

    I hope you’re having a good weekend and you and your family are tucked away safe and sound with all this terrible weather!

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