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Page 4 Christmas Album









Next up, pages from my Christmas album. This is the last 2 pages of my christmas album. Again this page is very simple, to have more place for photos. Usually during Christmas season, there is always a lot of happenings, parties, and fun. These lead to […]

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Page 3 of Christmas Album












Here are the next pages for my christmas album. As you can see, I used some 3×4 cards from Project Life Cards. I also cut 3×4 designer papers to use as journaling cards & photo mats. I also printed some christmas quotes on […]

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Page 2 of Christmas Album















Here is the next installment of my christmas album pages. Again decorated sparingly, it has a lot of real estate for photos. I don’t even remember where the designer papers came from. It has been 2 years :). Anyway, thanks […]

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Christmas Album Pages













As promised here is the first pages of the my chirstmas album. As previoulsy stated I didn’t decorate too much so the focus will be on the pictures. However if the recipient of the album wishes to add more decoration they can. […]

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