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Mixed Media- Living the Dream










On top of creating the retirement card, I was also in charge of creating a keepsake. I found this quote & I had some ideas going through my brain at 3:00 am. I showed the quote to my team, & gave them my ideas for […]

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Retirement Card












A co-worker on my team retired last month. I was in charge of creating a card that has a lot more spaces for wishes then the regular A2 card. I was also given the theme of the sea & light house. This is […]

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Beautiful You










New stamp from Stampin Up “Beautiful You. I really like this stamp set. I created this card for a friend. She needed a card for someone retiring from work. She wanted a scene where someone is carefree & having fun outside (nature) I showed her […]

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Cased Card














Here is another card I created, a while back. I resisted posting this one for one main reason. I have to give credit for this card design to someone out there. This card I know I saw on one of the […]

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Easel Card













Here is another easel card. The image is from Whiff of Joy, Elizabeth Bell. I created this one quite a while ago. I have been pretty stubborn parting with it. I don’t know why but I seem to want to keep this […]

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