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Just for You










Another quick and easy card, again using Kristie’s Marcotte 6 by 6 paper pad instructions. I love this stamp set, not just because I got it for free, but because I can use it on a regular basis. Stamp is from Stampin Up. Another short […]

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Work in Progress









I thought to show you my work in progress. I really liked this stamp set from Stampin Up called watercolor words. This stamp set is what I need to make cards using a 6 by 6 paper pads using Kristie Marcotte’s instructions. I love using her […]

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Masculine Card#2








Another masculine card. Basically same as the previous post. The only difference is the stamp set. Can’t really say no to free stuff right? Short post.


Keep your creativity flowing,


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Masculine Birthday Card#1








My dad’s birthday is coming and this is why I am in the mood for masculine cards. Birthday and Father’s Day Cards. Again I used Kristie Marcotte’s idea to use 6 by 6 paper pads instructions. I love her idea as it is quick and easy to […]

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