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Yes that is me Decorating the church for my borther’s wedding. No one was volunteering to make bows. I am not very good with bows either. I surprised myself here. It turned out very well. I even get to satisfy my teaching passion and showed the bride […]

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Another Birthday Pocket Letter












Here is another pocket letter. I made this same time as the other one. I wanted to work on something else for a little while rather than finish the labels for my brothers wedding favors. My hand was cramping from using the […]

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Birthday Pocket Letter













My first ever pocket letter—kind of This was pretty simple. I didn’t have to write an “about me” or any “tag it” stuff. I just filled up the pockets with goodies and gave it as a birthday gift. I wanted to […]

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More Mother’s Day Card for Family


















More Mother’d Day Card to share with you today. These one’s I made for friends and family. Also made extra for bridal shower game prize. I had fun making these. I like the look […]

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Wristers Club

Hello again. I have a different project to show you this time. We had a very cold winter this year. My work buddies and I would always go for a walk on our breaks. It was getting cold and we started to wear gloves scarves and thicker coats. There were times when we couldn’t go […]

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