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Quilt for Baby

A friend is expecting her 3rd child.  I made an album and a quilt for her and her baby.  I am starting to venture into the  mini albums and I am happy how this one turned out.  Baby quilts are my specialty so that one was finished quickly.  I like making smaller quilts as they satisfy me quickly since I can finish them quite quickly.. This time I did the quilt as you go method.  I used  the disappearing nine patch block.  This one was pretty easy, the front and back  looks the same. I had enough fabric and I was glad as I wanted it that way.   I totally enjoyed finishing the binding by hand  :smile:  A lot of you  might cringe at the binding by hand but that to me is relaxing.  Now I am making a large size quilt in this manner, for my bed.. There is no pressure as to when it has to be finished but I am plugging away when I have the time   :lol:  Time, I need more of this, considering I have a Monday to Friday job, plus  teach at my LSS, and now my quilt.  Once this quilt is done, I will for sure be happy. I have made a few quilts  all them to give away. 8O  Shocking  yes, now I want this quilt to stay with me, on my bed …  Okay here are the pics, they are all bright colors no specific theme except anything that would be okay for baby either a boy or a girl.






















Thank you for visiting me today.  I hope you come again.  I will show the baby album in tomorrows post.  I took a few pictures so I had to split the post.


Keep your creativity flowing,


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