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Graduation Card


This is the card I made for my son when he graduated high school in June 2011.  He is now at Western University starting his own journey.   I am sorry, I don’t have  the copic colors for this one.  I uxedo Black Ink to stamp the image.  CTMH papers and cardstock. Stampin up sentiments.  The stars I believe are from scrapworks  shimmer shapes.  I wrote a poem entitled “Letting Go”  for my son as follows:


Letting Go

by Femy Gray

How do I prepare myself?

Where do I begin and start?

Even now I feel this great pain,

I really need all the help I can gain.

How do I let go?

Of someone I hold so dear

I didn’t realize that it is so near

You soon will have to leave my dear.

No matter what the reason,

 I can’t help the ache I feel

Letting go is hard to deal

I can’t see a future to heal

You soon will have to leave my son

To start your own journey

To make your own life story

While all I have is memories

No matter how much I prepare

I end up losing this battle

‘Coz all I do is cry and

To admit I can’t let go I shouldn’t dare.

I don’t want to be a burden

It’s not like this is so sudden

So give me a hug and go

Don’t forget that I love you so!

My blessings are always with you

I can’t believe it is so hard to part

I should have known this right from the start.

I can’t believe I am letting go of your hand

Go now my son and make your stand

Please remember to call or text me from the start

So it eases the pain right here in my heart.


Thank you for visiting!!!


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