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Missing in action

I know I really am a bad blogger. I have been really busy and had computer problems. I am now using my IPod to post this message. I am hoping to continue with blogging as I really enjoy it. I just wish there is more time in the day to be able to do all the things we want right? We always say ” so many things to do so little time. “. For me it is so many things to do & I never have the time. I told myself I should make the time. I did notice there was still a lot that visited even I didn’t have anything new. 

Right now, I do have a lot to share. I made lots of cards since my last post. Couldn’t take pictures for all of them but was able to take some. So here is the first card I want to show you. Of course it is a Tilda card. I made this awhile back  I gave this card to my friend.  This is all for today.  At least I was able to post something new.  I will try my very best, even if it is only to show a picture.  I am really bad at taking pitures as well.  Hope everyone have a wonderful weekend.  I am going to the Creative Festival in Toronto  this weekend….

Thanks for dropping by.

Keep your creativity flowing,

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