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Tilda’s Christmas Wreath

Whew!!! I have a test this coming Wednesday & I have been studying, actually reading.  Nothing seems to stay inside my old brain.  I tell you the older I get,  it seems harder to memorize things. I am trying for a competition at work & I have to memorize some Income Tax Act sections and it is kind of hard :roll:   I really don’t know how I will do on this test.  My brain is so fried right now so I thought I needed a break and what good time to make a card.  Here is the finished product. Another easel card.  I know I made one like this last year but forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it away. I remember exactly how it looked &  I really liked it. That is why I made another one.

The wreath is from stampin up; the poinsettia is from classact.  The sentiment I can’t remember since it was separated from its label. I colored the images with copics. I used Martha Stuart’s green glitter and the red crystals were colored with copics as well.  They were clear before.  Now, this was a good break.  Maybe I’ll make another christmas card :mrgreen:  and study later… Hope you come visit again.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Keep your creativity flowing,

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