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Holiday Wishes

The image on this card was colored last year.  I colored several of the same image to make cards to give as x-mas gifts.  I had a couple left and made this card exactly the same as from last year.  I feel Tilda is lonely here.  This image reminds me of my first x-mas in Canada.  I  was lonely and wanted to go back to the Philippines, where my family was.  I felt that x-mas in the Philippines was more lively and the main focus was being able to be with family and have  lots of food.  In Canada, it seems x-mas revolves around gifts.  I wasn’t used to it.  As of today I am still not used to it.  I remember one x-mas my loving hubby bought me a matching piece of  jewelry (necklace, earings and ring).  When I received it, I said to him I already have enough jewelry. I asked if we could return it and buy pots and pans instead without giving a thought to his feelings.  :mrgreen:  Was  I wrong  to do this ?  Maybe, my hubby didn’t show how he felt.   Mind you, this is the only time I did it.  Since then  my hubby and I talked about it and decided we would get something we can use for the house every x-mas.  Of course, I always find something special in my x-mas stocking.  In time,  I decided to give my hubby his way during x-mas for the kids but there was a limit.  I have to consider that this is how he spent his x-mas all the time, before I married him.   I still feel that x-mas in Canada is lonely.  More so new year’s eve.  People would rather spend New Year’s eve at a party with friends.  I like to stay at home with my family and cook for them.  Have the food ready so that by 12 midnight we can party and eat with family of course. This is how I spent my New Year’s eve all my life.  I would like to experience this again.  Most of my family are now in Missouri, USA. I have been in Canada for 18 years and have not been back to the Philippines since.  Hopefully, I can go back even just once…I once said to my sister that I now consider Canada my home since my husband and kids are here. That being said, I will always be a Filipino in my mind, heart & soul, that will never change.

I colored the image with copics and made an easel card.  I stitched on all four corners of the card to give it  more stability since I used a lot of layers. 

Keep you creativity flowing,

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