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It seems it is still Christmas at my house LOL. This request is from my husband. He is the reason for this post. I love my copic markers and it is the only marker I use now.  My husband researched these markers and saw potential in them and now he has created his own website and named it after me. The request is to write   “Why I like Copic Markers.” And so here is my two cents :)

I consider Copic Markers as my most valuable investment. I was introduced to them in April 2009. I was so skeptical since I hate to color. When I was a child, I hated art period. I hated specially coloring. All the other kids in my class enjoyed it. I hated art with a passion. I could not draw, I could not color, well I could but the result was so horrendous I wanted to throw it out all the time. I was always disappointed at the results. I hated the streaks. So when I started reading about the Copic markers, I was saying to myself, “Yeah right.”
Well, I did try them out and I was absolutely amazed at the results. I couldn’t believe it, except that it was right before my eyes and I coloured the image myself. Me, someone who hated coloring and never wanted to color again with markers specially, was able to come up with this amazing result, in my opinion anyways. The streaks are gone. The blending is so amazing I do not see where one color starts and where it ends. It just seems to blend into each other pretty smoothly. It doesn’t fuzzy up my work no matter how many times I color over and over the same spot. I love the double sided tips of the markers. I like the range of colors available and the fact that it is eco-friendly due to its refill capabilities. I also like the idea that Copics can be used for airbrushing. I will have to try this out soon.

I use copics to color my images, pearls and gems and whatever I can get them on to. I do not consider myself a professional in this business, in fact I am very new at this, but I tell you I can fool some people. The result makes me feel like an artist :). I absolutely love it when my friends “ohhs” and “ahhs” over the cards they received. This reaction makes me want to make more.

The very first time I used Copics, I was surprised it was not a mess. Of course, the longer I used Copics; I was able to learn more about them. I also learn a lot from all websites out there who so patiently shares their knowledge to the world, I appreciate all of them. I am learning more and more every day. My next step, hoping to get Copic Certified. Here is a picture of a card I gave my husband for Christmas using Copics. I wrote a poem for my husband called “Christmas With You”, this is what I called this card. I want everyone to know that I write poems because I enjoy it.  I don’t have a degree in English. I write my poems in plain language that I hope everyone can understand. 

 Christmas with You
Femy Gray

I peep through the window
And what do I see,
I hear songs so mellow,
Then I knew the holidays are here.
Christmas is here it’s true,
I hope no one ever feels blue.
I hope you and I are merry
I wish everyone to be happy.
I never thought much of Christmas as a child.
Never expected presents theirs or mine,
I was happy nevertheless,
To celebrate with family is always best.
Today is different for me,
Gifts to buy and cards to send.
Christmas parties, “Do I have to attend?”
There must be something I have forgotten.
Didn’t forget baking,
It’s just not my cup of tea.
I’ll go out and get some must hurry,
There really is nothing to worry
All these busy chores,
I’ll accept them forevermore
‘Coz I know reasons a few,
It means I’m spending Christmas with You!

On another note, as you can see, I seem to be stuck on Christmas and so you will probably see more posts related to christmas and the cards I made.  This is only my second post and I hope you will support me until I am able to go into a routine.  I also will not be able to post everyday, as you can see I have other responsibilities.  However,  I will do my best to post on a regular basis.  I will end this very long post by saying thank you for looking and all the best in 2010 to everyone!

The card is 5.25 x 5.25.  I used copics to color all images. Stamps used   #113 EDWIN WITH GLASSES, #580 LARGE ARMCHAIR, #402 RUFUS THE DOG ,  CTMH . Paper:   Making Memories, Wausau Bright White, Basic Grey.  Accessories:  Hero Arts Clear Crystals colored with copics, Light Bulbs from dollar store star chipboard from my stash unknown.

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